Skye is actively producing medical and craft grade Cannabis at it’s Emerald Plants Health Source facility. We call this facility Montreal One.

The company is currently progressing with GMP certified sensible expansion projects in both Montreal, QU. and Merritt B.C..



We received our license to produce from Health Canada October 12, 2018. Montreal One produces at annual rate of 1,100 kgs per year.

Montreal One uses state-of-the-art hydroponic systems integrated with advanced logic control to control our optimized HVAC systems.

These systems allow Skye to deliver high yielding premium medical and craft grade cannabis crops at low cost.


Linda A. Brown, City Mayor of Merrit

“The Skye team has shown professionalism and commitment to becoming an excellent corporate citizen in our community. We look forward to working with Skye as they build out a first-rate cannabis production facility in Merritt”



Our expansion to Merritt is as much an investment in the local community as the business. It’s essential to Skye that we integrate ourselves into the communities we operate in and in turn, have a meaningful positive impact. In Merritt, we have superb natural and infrastructural resources as well as quality people to draw on.